Nigel Cooper

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Energetic         Metallic And Oil On Canvas   •   2012   •   48" x 36" without frame

Energetic  •  Price without frame: $1800
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Artist Statement

Self expression and awareness, inspired by others, by ideas; by the effects of light, color, and texture, is satisfied within me by the creation of paintings. I have always been attracted to patterns of color more then the detail of objects, explaining my attraction to abstraction. While painting, I often find myself taking my eyes out of focus in order to simplify the work. Paint is applied in a thick and forceful manner in order to convey energy and movement. I choose light and temperature of color as a tool to create a specific fee.ling. Acrylic, metallic, permanent marker, and oil paint are combined as a means to achieve contrast. By painting impressions and abstractions, I believe the viewer becomes involved in a process to understand the work, to contribute to the work, making a connection between my art and the viewer.


2013 Sulkin/Secant Gallery, Bergamot Station, group show. Curated by lark. 2012 Harveys Gallery, L.A., 3 person show. Curated by Mr. Tony Clark.
2012 Love Birds Gallery, solo show. Curated by Star and Martha Higgins. 2010 - 2011 Disneyland, Anaheim, created an exterior mural.
2008 - 2009 Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake, created murals.
2006 - 2007 Lincoln Library, Illinois, created paintings and murals. 2005 Caesars Palace Hotel/Casino, Vegas, created murals.
2004 Venetian Hotel/Casino, Vegas, created murals.
2003 Disneyland Gran Californian Hotel, Anaheim, created paintings. 2001 - 2002 Disneyland, Japan, created paintings and murals.
2000 Ritz Carlton Hotel, Atlanta, created murals.
Private Collections
Mr. Rod Stewart
Ms. Janet Jackson Mr. James Earl Jones Ms. Beverly Harris American Red Cross
Paintings by Nigel Cooper appeared to be seen through the dark prism like Le Sidenier with illuminated figures and buildings in the distance. The technique of painting was very original in that the pigments appeared to be drawn with some force across the surface of the canvas.
Mr. William A. Emboden, PhD, FL.S. Art-to-Art palette Journal, 2013
Attended California Art Institute

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