Irina Chelyapov

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Blessing LA         mixed media on canvas   •   2008   •   54" x 30" without frame

Blessing LA  •  Price without frame: $3500
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Artist Statement

Highly influenced by artists like Hopper, Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Diebenkorn, I paints multicultural urban Los Angeles with all its contradictions and poetry. I am trying to blend my classical European artistic background with contemporary conceptual approach. In the LA urban environment I am looking for and finding manifestations of eternal human values, such as love, faith, longing, and the strife for a better life. I try to see real people and their life through the facades of the buildings depicted with much love and connection.


Born in Moscow , Russia /f. USSR/
Moscow's Art School at Kropotkin St.
MA graphic design from Stroganovskaya School of Art and Design, Moscow.
Graphic Design Workshop Artist Union USSR
Group Show at Bienalle/ Chekhoslovakia, Praga

1989- Came to USA, Los Angeles
1990-2009 Decorative painted furniture and murals
2008-1st Solo show TALK TO ME LA1 Modern Art Gallery
2010-2nd Solo show TALK TO ME LA 2 at Modern Art gallery
2012 Group show at Santa Monica Art Studios
2013 Group show "Seen and Unseen"Downtown LA
Phantom Gallery
curator and artist
2013 Group show "Oneness"Phantom Gallery
2015 Group show at Civitella d'Agliano
2015 Group show at Nuremberg ,Germany
2016 Solo show at Lark Gallery Hawthorne
and curator for CALIFORNIA show

More Artwork from Irina Chelyapov for Sale (Click on photos for details):

3 PM Santa Monica

Sunday Afternoon in E…Sunday Afternoon in East LA

Wall in East LA

Red and White

Good and Evil #6

After Las Vegas Marathon

East LA, Sunday Afternoon

Venus of Huntin…Venus of Huntington Beach

Sunday Afternoon in LA

Model #6

Santa Monica 3 o&#…Santa Monica 3 o´clock

Barber Shop on Jef…Barber Shop on Jefferson Blvd.

Old Sign on Wa…Old Sign on Washington Blvd.

LA Downtown

Storage on No…Storage on Normandy

Barber Shop on Pico

Good Bay, Valley

LA Graffiti

Gipsy Cat

Above 101 Frwy

Model at break

Blessing LA

Exit from Wash…Exit from Washington Beach Parking Lot


Painting on …Painting on the Wall in East LA

Sunday at Marina

Blessing LA

# 3 after El

My Grandfather

Huntington Beach

In memory of M.…In memory of M. Roginsky, my art teacher

LA Graffiti

Mikhail Roginsky


East Los Angeles on S…East Los Angeles on Sunday Afternoon

Doctor´s …Doctor´s window

Spanish Hardware Store on Pico Blvd.

Nursing Home

Idols of my Youth

Printing on Olympic B…Printing on Olympic Blvd. Disappearing LA

santa monica 3 o&#…santa monica 3 o´clock

Old Sign - Exit

Printing on Pico Blvd

Venice of Hunti…Venice of Huntington Beach

My Teacher


Spanish Hardware on

French model

Grandfather Po…Grandfather Portrait

Model 4

Santa Monica P:rayer

Magritte Cat

San Francisco …San Francisco Windows

Music at the gallery

Studio #2

Kandinsky Cat

Artist´s…Artist´s Life # 1


Studio #4

Smoke check on San Vi…Smoke check on San Vicente Blvd

Artist´s …Artist´s Life # 2

Beyond the see

Studio #3

Honeymoon on Western Ave

Santa Monica Prayer

Behind The B…Behind The Bars in East LA

Washington Beach

Good and Evil #4

San Clemente

Parking at Sunset Blvd.

Marina Del Ray

Century City

Three cities


Windy Day in S…Windy Day in San Francisco

White Light

Valley Landscape

Reservation in Movie …Reservation in Movie Theater

Artists Party

Beyond the Sea

Windy Day in S…Windy Day in San Francisco

Portrait M. Rog…Portrait M. Roginsky

Artist Life 2

Strange Expression

Santa Monica Prayer

Windy day in S…Windy day in San Francisco

Meditation Afternoon

Looking Beyond

Model with cel…Model with cell phone

Station of the …Station of the cross around Blessing LA

Looking beyond

Model sitting…Model sitting in the chair

Disappearing urban scape

Male model

Jewish Concert

Girl with g…Girl with glasses

BBI Klezmer En…BBI Klezmer Ensemble

Venice of Hunti…Venice of Huntington Beach

Banjo player

Model 3

San Francisco …San Francisco Windows


Santa Monica 3pm

Chagall Cat

Sunday afternoon

Matisse Cat

Above 101

Under the dusk

Mini Maxi Sto…Mini Maxi Storage on Normandy Ave

Karina´s garden

Store on Pico Blvd

Dancing in the sun

Barber Shop on Jefferson

Chagall Cat

Windy Day in S…Windy Day in San Francisco

When the Angels Sing

Blessing LA


Above the 101 Freeway

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