Hal Yaskulka

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Bird conversation         oil on canvas   •   2003   •   40" x 52" without frame

Bird conversation  •  Price without frame: $4500
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Artist Statement

As an artist I am fascinated with creating a heightened reality.Whether painting recognizable imagery or abstraction, I am always in search for what can't be seen with the 5 senses. I'm looking for the intangible. The space between dreams and the waking state. I am always searching for the poetic,the ethereal and rhythms that create mystery in my work. The paintings take there cues from nature and reflect my inner connections,responses and observations of being part of the human experience. There meanings are not literal, but are meant to evoke a response in the viewer.The paintings are left as an open ended story that the viewer is invited to make his/her own conclusion.


Hal yaskulka was born in Brooklyn Ny.
Studied at School of Visual arts,Taught at Art Center College of Design ,Pasadena

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