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Kamila           Multi Media 3 D   •   2011   •   8" x 11" without frame

Kamila  •  Price without frame: $5000
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Artist Statement

I have always possessed a great affinity to nature, thirst for knowledge, and a deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms. These innate qualities have found expresssion in many areas. In my paintings, I have seen patterns emerge that express harmony, joy, order, and beauty. My belief in the fundamental unity of all cultures and peoples has led me to create art pieces that relflect the depth of our collective souls, the beauty of our beings, and the ability to expand to fully embrace our lives.


I was born and raised in a small city in the northern region of Iran called Rezahyieh. In 1978 I moved to the United States to attend college and received a business degree from California State University Sacramento. I then traveled extensively for several years encountering various cultures in different countries. I developed a feeling of expansion that included all of humanity. While living in Brazil, I was inspired by the European and Brazilian artists I met, so began creating one of a kind garments and bags that were sold through high end boutiques in Los Angeles. While working with fabric dyes on hemp canvas, I shifted my artistic direction towards painting. Over the years, I have experimented with a wide variety of mediums and cherish the discovery of something new. My work has evolved over time, allowing me to switch forms of expression as I feel inclined. My most recent pieces I call Nouveau Surrealism - ordinary printed photos that have been transformed to reflect unseen realms. Over the past four years, I have shown in the Topanga Artist Studio Tour and have participated in numerous shows in various venues around LA. The most recent show was called Down the Rabbit Hole, representing portals into the mysteries within each of us.

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