Vincent Mattina

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In his image           Digital art   •   2013   •   20" x 24" without frame

In his image  •  Price without frame: $400
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Artist Statement

My artwork focuses on spiritual, technological and environmental issues. In my art, I deconstruct the American dream, government missteps, the overwhelming presence of the digital age and our effect on the ecosystem that are part of the fabric of our controversial history. Having engaged subjects as diverse as atomic testing, human experimentation and the ever expanding presence of technology, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into densely conceptual pieces. Often times themes are combined into a collage of technology juxtaposed with old world imagery, that may be often embellished with hi-tech details. The juxtaposition of past and future, establishes a dream-like surreal quality and suggests an other worldly realm out of time & space. My personal dream language provides clues to content and visual interpretation. While I primarily work in the computer for my dream paintings and with found objects for my sculptures, I also incorporate my drawings and photography layering each idea to evoke a new mythology. Although there may not always be visual similarities between the different projects, they are linked by recurring social concerns. The subject matter of each piece determines the colors, textures and the objects used to create it. Each series often consists of multiple works, grouped around specific themes and meanings. I consistently research varied topics creating new areas of interest from which arises the next body of work.


Born in St. Louis, Vincent Mattina began his love affair with art at a very early age. When he was first able to hold a pencil he knew he loved drawing. Throughout his early years and onto high school his love of art captured his soul. His passion and resolve to educate himself in visual arts led him to Columbus College of Art and Design. There he graduated with a BFA in Fine art & Illustration. In 1990 he moved out of the Midwest and into the Los Angeles area. He gained recognition in the commercial art world by working at companies in the Fashion, Marketing & Advertising industries. Also free-lancing with many companies such as Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Warner Brothers and Activision.

Feeling the need to express himself as well as having a visual story to tell, Vincent decided to follow his first love and branch out into the fine art world. In his first show he was highlighted in a group show at the City of Brea art gallery titled “For Love or Money”. This show was the crossroads between his commercial & fine art career and the first environment to feature his “Entomechanical” series that intertwines nature and machines inspired by photo realism, digital collage and technology.

Since then he also has ventured into the Steam-Punk movement. Vincent was invited to show several of his “Professor Flux Repurposed Ray-Guns” at the Muzeo museum in Anaheim and the San Diego Automotive Museum.

In 2012 his art work “Victorinsect Box 3“ was voted 1st place in the digital category juried art show. Also in 2012 his piece “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (Adam)” received best of show at the Art for All People Gallery show entitled “Phoenix Rising”.

His richly detailed works transports you to an alternate reality in which science, nature and spirituality evolve. Vincent has shown in galleries throughout the southern California and his works grace the homes of various collectors.

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