Sergei Tivetsky

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Blue Ghost         mixed media on canvas   •   2013   •   26" x 24" without frame

Blue Ghost  •  Price without frame: $3000
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Artist Statement

Spiritual signs, universal symbols, music, numerology, philosophy, astrology, mathematics, cartoons, advertising strongly influenced him daily. Tivetsky is much like a researcher within the context of an ever-changing constantly broadening epistemology. For Tivetsky “visual cues function like a language in which visual signs work to suggest non-visual messages”.


Sergei Tivetsky was born in 1949 in Moscow, Russia. He has been living and working in West LA for more than 20 years.
Sergei's unique life experience and great spirituality made him one of the kind artist, capable to express " life of the soul" in colors and rhythms in his enigmatic paintings.
Any small dot or sparkle of color, movement, layers and fluidity has a Rembrandtesque meaningful depth.

EDUCATION 1961-1967 School of Fine Art (Moscow, Russia) 1972- 1977 Art Institute (Moscow, Russia). EXHIBITIONS:
1979 March- exhibition “GROUP-4” – Academy of Sciences (Moscow).
1981 July- exhibition in Stanford University (California).
1981 November- exhibition in Monterey University (California).
1982 January- exhibition in Parklane Gallery (New York).
1983 February- exhibition in Kuros Gallery (New York).
1984- 1985- exhibition in Miro/ Shpizman Gallery (London).
1986-1987- Anita Neal Contemporary Art Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA).
1987 February- Artist Society International (ASI) Gallery (San Francisco, CA).
1991 September- Center of Contemporary Russian Culture (Paris- New York- Moscow).
1992 October- Personal show in Nina Frost Gallery (Santa Monica, CA).
1994 July- “The Art Speaks for Itself XIV” show in Directors Guild of America (Los Angeles, CA).
1995 February- “First Annual International Art Exhibition”- ADR Fine Arts (Los Angeles, CA). 1997 May- exhibition in Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA).

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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