Erna Avan

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The Beginning         Mixed media - Gouache painting on cardboard   •   2009   •   16.5" x 23.5" without frame

The Beginning  •  Price without frame: $3200
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Artist Statement

Style: Erna Avan is an Armenian artist who moved from Armenia to US in 2010. She is one of the Abstract art representatives who started painting in 2009. Her style is mostly abstractionism and her art expresses departure from reality. Erna mostly works with acrylic and gouache paints. She uses mixed technology. Her style varies from one work to another and is very complex to explain. The dominant part of her work is psychological expressions of abstract portraits. In her work Erna also used some elements from her childhood (Fairy Tale abstract representations). Another part of her work represents the life of another dimension such as her cosmic and space metamorphosis representation. Many of Erna's works have religious foundation because Christianity was a defining part of Armenian history.


Erna Avan was born in 1961 in city Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. Her father was a Geography teacher and her mother was Director of Scientific Library of Baku. Erna started attending teaching practice at conservatoire when she was 5 years old. Her major was piano. In 1982 Erna completed conservatoire with exceptionally highest grades. She is a very talented musician and composer. In 1983 she had her first and the only son Roman. She lost her husband in 1994 and continued raising Roman alone. As a result of enormous creative energy and a stressful period of her life in September 2009 (48 years old) Erna suddenly started showing her talents in fine art. She was very inspired by famous painter Edvard Munchs art work "Scream" and the next morning she created her first art work (The Beginning). Erna has worked individually starting in 2009 and already had a chance to be introduced to Union of Armenian Painters in 2010. In 2010 due to circumstances she has moved to US. She has about 300 art representations. She had her first exhibition in July 2010 at XPress Art Center Royale Gallery located in Glendale, California. She continued to create new art works. In 2012 unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer, and went through required procedures and now is hoping to continue to work towards expressing herself and her feelings in art.

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