Michael Alvarez

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Take care of me         pastel on watercolor paper   •   2014   •   18" x 24" without frame

Take care of me  •  Price without frame: $500
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As an artist, I strive to create work that not only brings joy to the eye through color and light but also portrays a message within the work itself. I want the piece to speak to the viewer it must be a story within the picture that only the one viewing decides what it is about and draws conclusions from it. I create a variety of subjects and themes but one of my favorite subject deals with humanity itself and how our mind works and behaves. Before I begin I research the subject and create a series of concept sketches, once I am satisfied that the concept I begin to but my idea on canvas and letting the colors flow from my mind in an abstract sort of way. This is how I let the colors set the mood and feeling of the work, straight from my mind to the canvas.

With each work my main goal is to create something amazing, nothing less is acceptable and I will keep working on a piece until I get that feeling of completeness, that my story has been told and I have paved the way for the next one to be told. I hope that my work truly moves people and keeps them talking and deciding what the piece is saying. The best thing about art is one great work can have so many different stories depending on who is the audience and my one satisfaction in life would be to know that my work has moved someone as much as it moved me.
Artist: Michael Alvarez

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