Shahla Bebe

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Rapture         Digital Art on stretch canvas   •   2014   •   36" x 48" without frame   •   36" x 48" with frame


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Artist Statement

"Dance with me" series is the latest artistic endeavor of Shahla Bebe to capture dancing motion in the form of Digital Art. Diversity of dancer’s body movements, colorful flowing costumes, light and shadows have been combined to created unique mystery art. The images have been taken in the most expressive moments of dancer’s performance in front of a live audience. A collaboration of Shahla Bebe and various Southern California dance companies and their ensemble casts.


Shahla Bebe is an award-winning photographer, was trained in graphic art, photography and post-production.
By 1996, photography had become Shahla’s profession and passion. Her life experiences led her to fine art photography as the best medium for artistic expression. Shahla has maintained a keen involvement all throughout in different groups and organizations dealing with political and social concerns. She believes that the Digital Art creates unique and powerful means to speak about issues that torment or exhilarate her.
Shahla Bebe’s Digital art as well as photography has been on display in various group exhibitions in the States, Canada, and Europe.

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