Donna Bell

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Battlefield Morn         Digital   •   2014   •   12" x 8" without frame   •   13" x 9" with frame

Battlefield Morn 

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Artist Statement

I describe these pieces as the place where “photography meets cinema”. I’d like that when my work is viewed that the observer not only learn something but they are entertained as well. My hope is that they are drawn to the mood, color, texture and action that is taking place and want to know more. I also want them to recognize and perhaps experience the journey with the characters. Even if they feel they can not relate, I want them to wonder what is happening and why? I want to invoke in them the impulse to work the images as they would a stimulating puzzle. Over all, I want them to feel the emotion of the character and to walk away feeling as if they too share some part in the story.


Donna Bell,

Photography is one of the great passions in my life because of its ability to tell a story. The lights and shade of the subject including textures pulls me to the object or subject adding it to a my

collection unique pieces. Depending on what it is I can get wonderfully lost in it years after capturing it. From Los Angeles, my interest in photography began as a child as I watched my Dad

and big sister do it successfully. Between the two I had a good grasp on the technical aspects but I would develop my own personal style. I'm drawn to the moving object which is

photography in motion called cinematography that uses the same principles as shooting the still image. Given avancements in technology, we're using the same cameras. What is unique about

my the images I seek are not seen yet in mainstream but is in the historical record. It is my job to fill this void. I like to think that I am giving a voice to those pages in history that has been left

wanting to be discovered by someone like me. I heard the call and is now passionate about capturing those ‘voices’. Completing the 2 years LACC Cimema program and earning two

certificates in Cinema Studies, I feel as though there is a vast library to discover the ‘missing pieces’ and I'm the one to find them.

I may not be a 'spring chicken
but I do have a lot of 'spring' left. Today as a retired government employee, I now get to play and I'm having fun.

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