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Marriage of Art, Poetry and Music


We have thousands art works on sale from the professional talented international artists for very moderate prices. Please visit our Sales Gallery to decorate your apartment, new house or just give a gift of love to your beloved and yourself.

The art by Felice Willat


Hello LarkGallery,
Yesterdays closing reception for EvolveWomenWisdom exhibition was wonderful. It was another beautiful and powerful event with collaboration of art, music, artists and guests! I also want to congratulate you re: Art & Beyond Magazine, lovely!
Thank you LarkGallery for all your endeavors in supporting the Fine Arts!
Love, Patricia Ferber.

It was with great pleasure I was accepted to be a part of "Bunker Opens Doors" last year 2018. The work was so strong and the artists were a delightful group to speak with. I really enjoyed listening to the group of women who shared their beautiful singing voices too. Outside the gallery was a Russian Festival going on that entertained with acrobats, food, displays of all sorts. What a fun day to be at that opening.
This year, 2019, I have been honored again to be accepted as one of the visual artists to show with this marvelous group. I eagerly look forward to once again participating with this stellar group of artists.
Barbara Nathanson


At LarkGallery we’re continuing our solo shows project – if you’re an artist, sculptor, or photographer here’s an opportunity to present and sell your art on our exciting online Solo Shows.

To participate in this project please place your submissions in the "Solo Shows" folder.

All submitted art work that meets our standards for quality will be exhibited on our website and will be available for online sales. The first three winners will be also featured on our home page, with a feature interview, for one month.

You may upload between a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 20 artworks. We will of course want your art statement and bio. Please contact us if you have questions.


I just looked at the site where my art is shown. I am in a stage of shock from the beauty and first class exposure in the magazine and on the electronic devices like Facebook. I know you are the gateway to showing my art and selling my work all over the world. ... I am amazed and grateful to be in a group of such accomplished artists. It is beautiful! Thank you for the honor. I take the magazine with me everywhere I go...
Donna M. Angers


We are happy that our collaboration with Art & Beyond Magazine, as our official Media Partner has a great success.

Immediate benefit: We can now offer you unique opportunities to gain wider exposure for your art.

All accepted participants of our upcoming competitions that involve Art and Beyond will be exhibited on LarkGallery's website, which gives you the opportunity to sell your art, and receive a „Full Page” in Art and Beyond's online magazine, featuring your art and career. See the samples here. You can also order a printed version of this magazine which will provide you with a useful marketing, promotional, and sales tool - and look great on your coffee table.

Why: Be published artist or poet, have a great promotional tool and compete for your art be featured on the cover of the Art & Beyond magazine distributed to galleries, museums and art consultants and posted on 10+ Social Media portals including FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, G+. Since first published Art & Beyond Online Magazine in 2009 it reached 110,500+ readers as of today and this number is growing every day.

For more details visit our submissions page

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