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2018-05-28 21:10

Bunker Opens Doors, Part 2

What will attract you the most?

Hello art lover who saw this fabulous show and those who did not. It was a beautiful Sunday at the West Hollywood Community Center and the Great/Long Exhibition Hall. Congratulations to Lark for orchestrating this show: Bunker Opens Doors.
Thank goodness the doors were opened because her curators admitted beautiful paintings and sculpture.
BOD part 2


The second part of „Bunker Opens Doors” exhibition, is largely composed of works submitted through the Lark Gallery to a jury process that aligns selected work with both the stylistic tendencies characteristic of Bunker (non-conformist artists group from Former Soviet Union) and the spirit of free expression, intellectual and artistic liberty. The artists selected through this jury process participate in the show along with the Bunker artists themselves. Thus, Bunker grows by opening its doors to new generations and new possibilities.


2018-05-01 16:27

Impressions about the show "Bunker Opens Doors" part 1

Patricia Ferber's Letter to Artists: "It was great seeing you, artists I have shown with in the past, many of The Bunker Group and their beautiful artworks. I look forward in seeing you on May 20th, and many thanks."

Last Saturday I drove into Hollywood to deliver a sculpture for the second part of the juried exhibit “Bunker Opens Doors”. Hollywood, streets bustling with people, congested with cars, construction taking place of new, and recognizing the old that is nostalgically known as “Hollywood”.

As I reached my destination, driving through a small tranquil park filled with families consisting of young and old. I had multiple choices of parking slots available, not usual for Hollywood. The Long and Great Hall, where the exhibition is taking place, was filled with many of the original Bunker artists and their artwork. I had the honor of meeting Grigor Mikaelyan, known as Kiki. His work in particular resonated within me, along with his large canvas covered in bold brush strokes, one encounters when first entering the gallery, that Kiki calls Bobo.

I have shown with LarkGalleryOnLine founded by Larisa Pilinsky, aka Lark, for many years. The number of artists exhibiting continues to grown, bringing in new energy and athletic vision. What I appreciate most of LarkGalleryOnLine is that it not only consists of painter, sculptures, but also musicians, poets, writers, and more, stimulating ones creativity and intellectuality.

“Bunker Opens Doors” curated by Peter Frank and Barry Gordon, is an international exhibition of artists organized by LarkGalleryOnLine, Art Treasures, and the Russian Advisory Board of the City of West Hollywood. The original Bunker Art Group is historically significant. How lovely to be part of the exhibit and celebrate the Arts, The Bunker Art Group.  

Patricia Ferber MA, MFA
Sculptor, Educator, Curator

The first image in this blog Paintings "Bobo" by Kiki
The second image in this blog the sculpture "Vessel Form" by Patricia Ferber